Why should a mask be added to the outdoor LED grid screen?

Outdoor LED grid screens are often installed on the exterior walls of buildings or elevated billboards to play dynamic advertisements or public information. Some people may wonder why this kind of outdoor equipment is often equipped with a seemingly unnecessary part-a mask? In fact, the use of masks is for a variety of considerations, including protecting the screen, improving the display effect and enhancing safety.

 1. Protect the screen

The primary function of the mask is to protect the LED grille screen. Due to the great changes in the outdoor environment, weather factors may have an impact on the screen. Such as wind, rain, direct sunlight, etc. may cause damage to the screen. Thus, the mask acts as a "shield" to protect the screen. Of course, in addition to the perspective of the natural environment, the mask can also prevent man-made damage, such as preventing smashing and the like.

2. Improve the display effect

Outdoor LED grid screens often need to work under strong light, especially in the case of direct sunlight, the brightness of the screen may not be enough to shock the audience's vision. At this time, the mask can play a sunshade effect, increase the contrast between the screen and the audience, and improve the clarity and visibility of the image. Therefore, the mask is also a visual effect optimization design.

3. Enhanced security

Some face shields are also designed with safety in mind. Especially when hanging on a high place or on large equipment, if there is a problem with the screen, the mask can prevent components from falling, causing harm to personnel and equipment. In some designs, the material of the mask can be fire-resistant and flame-retardant, ensuring the daily safe operation of the equipment.

Generally speaking, although the installation of a mask in the outdoor LED grille screen seems to be a small design, in fact, it plays an important role in many aspects such as protecting the screen, improving the display effect and enhancing safety. Therefore, face shields are not frivolous decorations, but a necessary design choice.


Post time: Aug-14-2023