What Are The Reasons That Affect The Life of LED Rental Display?

Nowadays, LED rental displays have been widely used in various fields. They can use the comprehensive effect of high-tech materials and technologies to vividly express advertising themes and attract audiences with outstanding visual impact. Therefore, It’s everywhere in life. However, as an electronic equipment product, the service life of LED rental displays is also one of the issues that we are very concerned about. So do you know what are the reasons that affect the life of LED rental screens?

The reasons that affect the life of LED rental screens are as follows:

 1. Temperature

The failure rate of any product is very low within its service life and only under suitable working conditions. As an integrated electronic product, LED rental screens mainly consist of control boards with electronic components, switching power supplies, light-emitting devices, etc. composition, and the life of all these is closely related to the operating temperature. If the actual operating temperature exceeds the specified use range of the product, not only will the service life be shortened, but the product itself will also be seriously damaged.

2. Dust

In order to maximize the average life of the LED rental screen, the threat of dust cannot be ignored. When working in a dusty environment, the printed board absorbs dust, and the dust deposition will affect the heat dissipation of electronic components, which will cause the temperature of the components to rise, and then the thermal stability will decrease and even leakage will occur. In severe cases, it will cause burnout. In addition, dust will also absorb moisture, corrode electronic circuits, and cause short circuit failures. Although dust is small in size, its harm to products cannot be underestimated. Therefore, regular cleaning is necessary to reduce the probability of failure.

3. Moisture

Although almost all LED rental screens can work normally in an environment with a humidity of 95%, humidity is still an important factor affecting product life. Moisture gas will enter the interior of the IC device through the joint surface of the packaging material and components, causing oxidation, corrosion, and disconnection of the internal circuit. The high temperature during the assembly and welding process will cause the moisture gas entering the IC to expand and generate pressure, causing the plastic to erode. Internal separation (delamination) on the chip or lead frame, wire bonding damage, chip damage, internal cracks and cracks extending to the component surface, and even component bulging and bursting, also known as “popcorning”, will cause assembly failure. Parts may be repaired or even scrapped. What’s more important is that invisible and potential defects will be integrated into the product, causing problems with the reliability of the product.

4. Load

Whether it is an integrated chip, an LED tube, or a switching power supply, whether it works under the rated load or not, the load is also an important factor that affects its lifespan. Because any component has a period of fatigue damage, taking the power supply as an example, a branded power supply can output 105% to 135% of power. However, if the power supply is operated under such a high load for a long time, the aging of the switching power supply will inevitably be accelerated. Of course, the switching power supply may not fail immediately, but it will quickly reduce the life of the LED rental screen.

In summary, here are some of the reasons that affect the life of LED rental screens. Every environmental factor experienced by the LED rental screen during its life cycle requires consideration during the design process, so as to ensure that sufficient environmental intensity is incorporated into the reliability design. Of course, improving the usage environment of the LED rental screen and regular maintenance of the product can not only eliminate hidden dangers and faults in time, but also help improve the reliability of the product and extend the average life of the LED rental screen.

Post time: Sep-19-2023