What should you look for when picking a small pitch LED display?

Small pitch LED display products with high refresh, high gray scale, high brightness, no residual shadow, low power consumption, low EMI. It is non-reflective in indoor applications, and also features lightweight and ultra-thin, high precision, takes up little space for transportation and use, and is silent and efficient in heat dissipation.

Small pitch LED display is widely used in indoor and outdoor intelligent advertising machine, stage performance, exhibition display, event sports, hotel lobby and other various occasions. Among them, P1.2, P1.5, P1.8, P2.0 as the representative of the small pitch LED display has become the most popular products. Some people will ask, since it is to choose a small pitch, why not choose more than these small pitch? This one question fully demonstrates that you do not know enough about the small pitch LED display, quickly with us to learn about the knowledge of the small pitch LED display.

In people's traditional concept, point spacing, large size and high resolution of the three is to determine the important elements of the small pitch LED display, that are to choose the best. In fact, in practice, the three still affect each other. In other words, small pitch LED display in the actual application, not the smaller the pitch, the higher the resolution, the better the actual application effect, but to consider the screen size, application space and other factors. At present, small pitch LED display products, the smaller the pitch, the higher the resolution, the higher the price. If users do not fully consider their own application environment when purchasing products, it is likely to cause the dilemma of spending a lot of money but can not achieve the expected application effect.

One of the outstanding advantages of small pitch LED display is "seamless splicing", which can fully meet the large size display needs of industry users. However, the actual application, industry users in the choice of small spacing large size products, to consider not only the high procurement costs, and high maintenance costs.

The lifetime of led lamp beads can theoretically be up to 100,000 hours. However, due to the high density, and small pitch LED display is mainly indoor applications, the requirements of the thickness to be low, it is easy to cause heat dissipation difficulties, which in turn triggered local failure. In practice, the larger the size of the screen, the more complex the overhaul process, maintenance costs will naturally increase accordingly. In addition, the power consumption of the display should not be underestimated, large-size display later operating costs are generally higher.

Multi-signal and complex signal access problem is the biggest problem of small pitch LED indoor application. Unlike outdoor applications, indoor signal access has diverse, large number, location dispersion, multi-signal display on the same screen, centralized management and other requirements, in practice, small pitch LED display to be efficient application, signal transmission equipment must not be taken lightly. In the LED display market, not all small pitch LED display can meet the above requirements. In the purchase of products, do not pay one-sided attention to the resolution of the product, to fully consider whether the existing signaling equipment to support the corresponding video signal.

In short, small pitch LED display with clearer details and real picture effect attracts users. However, customers in the purchase process, must be comprehensive consideration of their own application needs, to achieve the most wanted to use the effect is the best.

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Post time: Jul-26-2023