LED Crystal Film Screen: One Of The Transparent Screen Subdivision Products

LED crystal film screen is one of the transparent screen subdivision products, which is used in environments with glass, such as building glass curtain walls, glass showcases, glass guardrails, etc. It has the characteristics of ultra-high transparency and ultra-thinness.

The LED crystal film screen adopts LED lamp bead bare crystal ball planting technology. The lamp panel uses transparent crystal film film. A transparent mesh circuit is etched on the surface. After the components are attached to the surface, the vacuum sealing process is performed. The product is light, transparent, thin, bendable and cuttable. Main advantages: It can be directly attached to the glass curtain wall without damaging the original structure of the building; when not playing, the screen is invisible and does not affect indoor lighting. When viewed from a distance, no trace of the screen installation can be seen. The light transmittance of the crystal film screen is as high as 95%, which can present bright and bright image effects, making the product’s image more eye-catching. The super colors create an excellent visual experience for users.

Post time: Nov-13-2023