ALLSEELED Smart College LED Display: Putting knowledge at your fingertips

In the context of the new era, China has placed the development of education informatization in an unprecedented prominent position. Promote the digital transformation of education, has become the primary task of the current development and reform of China's education. ALLSEELED continues to explore wisdom education, actively promote the digital transformation of education, launched the wisdom of colleges and universities LED series products. Not only has the "face value", but also joined the "hard core" technology.

ALLSEELED smart college LED series products use a new generation of LED display panel, through the depth of advanced mainstream technology development and fit the application, integrated design to achieve 99% of the screen ratio, extremely narrow bezel, simple and generous, presenting users with a better visual sensation. Customized desktop UI system based on Android 11.0, with a variety of functions and powerful interaction and playback capabilities. Compared with the traditional classroom projector brightness is not enough, the picture is not clear and the traditional LCD screen is too small, limited viewing distance and other issues, ALLSEELED's smart college LED display has a larger size, more powerful interaction and playback capabilities, better picture quality, higher reliability and security advantages. It is widely used in college and university lecture halls, academic lecture halls, large and small college and university conference rooms and other scenes.


ALLSEELED intelligent college LED display adopts Android operating system architecture, in the teaching process incarnated into a blackboard, the finger can be directly in the wisdom of the big screen smooth writing, ten fingers touch control, full-screen touch no dead angle. In addition, there are electronic whiteboard, file management, wireless screen transfer, Microsoft Office software, browser and other applications. The product applies wireless technology, file transfer can be realized wirelessly, reducing the cumbersome upload process. It can be used in different application scenarios such as daily display, sharing and seminar. The function is equipped with cross-system cross-platform transmission capability, whether it is a cell phone, computer, tablet, etc. do not have to worry about the interface is not uniform, the information can not be copied and other issues.

ALLSEELED intelligent college LED display all core hardware and applications are highly integrated. In the process of installation and deployment, only a small number of external wires are required, the switch is completed with a key, and the application is simple to operate, without the need for specialized personnel. Therefore, no professional technicians are required to maintain and manage the display under normal circumstances.


Indoor displays are easily accessible to users (students). In order to reduce the risk of electric shock, ALLSEELED Smart College LED Display adopts a series of anti-electric shock measures, through the built-in circuit breaker, real-time monitoring of the status of the screen, to eliminate short circuits, line overload, over-voltage and over-current and other safety hazards. We use DC contactors to control high voltage and high current with low voltage and small current, and the screen body is disconnected from the power through the remote control signal control, so the human body does not need direct contact. The screen body adopts ultra-low voltage 5V, DC power supply, and 220V isolation, safe and reliable.

In addition, ALLSEELED intelligent college LED display can also be used with ALLSEELED classroom PA, camera, stage lighting and other systems for one-stop program integration, to solve the problem of teaching large scenes in colleges and universities.Technology empowered teaching upgrading reform, for teachers and students to bring a more efficient teaching experience.

Post time: Jul-12-2023