Advantages Of Small-pitch LED Displays Used In TV Stations And Studios

With the continuous improvement of full-color LED display technology, TV station background walls and studio background walls have been replaced with large LED screens. The colorful and clear large picture can freely switch complex picture signals according to the needs of the program. In order to adapt to various lighting and environments in the studio and the picture effects of duplicate recording, the reflection of the screen, refresh rate and live broadcast Continuous work during the process and keeping the display unchanged for a long time put forward more stringent requirements.

Features of studio LED display:

1. Strong stability. Using high-quality components and refined price technology, which effectively reduces the dead light rate. The power signal dual backup system ensures long-term stable operation and supports 7*24 hours of uninterrupted operation. ;

2. Low brightness and high gray. When the brightness is close to 20%, it can still show a perfect display effect, with higher display consistency. The display gray scale is almost perfect at low brightness, and the display screen has high layering and vividness. Compared with traditional LED display;

3. Wide-angle display. The viewing angle of the LED display screen reaches 160 degrees, and the images from all angles are uniform, clear and natural;

4. High refresh rate. With a refresh rate of  3840Hz, the high-definition camera captures pictures without ghosting or streaks;

5. Intelligent brightness adjustment, automatically adapts to the photosensitive adjustment device, and will not affect the display screen due to ambient light. The grayscale is almost lossless at a brightness of 50nits-800nits;

6. Good display consistency and high-intensity structural fine-tuning technology achieve seamless splicing of the entire screen, and effectively eliminate bright and dark lines through fine-tuning;

7. High contrast, using high-quality black light and light-absorbing matte black surface, the image is clear and sharp, and the colors are bright;

8. Point-by-point correction technology ensures the consistency and uniformity of the entire screen’s brightness and display color;

9. Low reflection, using black matte lamp and Bowen light-absorbing surface. In bright light environment, the reflection is small, and the picture is still clearly visible.

The above are the product features and application solutions of the studio LED display.

Post time: Oct-30-2023