Three Kinds of LED Display Splicing Technology:To Bring You a Stunning Visual Impact

LED displays are gradually becoming the mainstream digital display device for large indoor and outdoor events and commercials. However, LED display is not an all-in-one display device like LCD, it is made up of multiple modules stitched together. Therefore, it is very important to realize how to achieve seamless splicing. At present, the splicing applications we see in the market are mainly flat splicing, right-angle splicing and circular arc splicing.

1.Flat splicing technology

Flat splicing technology is the most common seamless splicing technology for LED displays. This technology uses LED modules of the same size and resolution, and makes multiple modules blend together perfectly through precise calculations and fixing methods when splicing, thus achieving a seamless splicing effect. Planar splicing technology can achieve any geometric shape and size of the LED display, and the spliced display effect has a high degree of consistency and integrity.

Led Video Wall Screen(1)

2. Right-angle splicing technology

Right angle splicing technology is a technology for LED display right angle, corner splicing. In this technology, the edges of the LED modules are processed into 45° cut corners to facilitate seamless splicing at the corners. By extending the application of right-angle splicing technology, a variety of different corner shapes can be realized, and the spliced display effect is of high quality without gaps and distortion.


3. Circular arc splicing technology

This is a special technology for LED display arc splicing. In this technology, we need to customize the circular arc splicing position to meet the demand of engineering solutions, and use special modules to create circular arc LED display modules, and then splice with both sides of the plane chassis with high precision, so that the splicing seam is smooth, and the display effect is smooth and natural over.


The above three seamless splicing technologies all have their unique advantages and scope of application. Whether it is flat splicing, right-angle splicing or circular splicing, all require precise calculation and high technical requirements to achieve the display effect that meets the design requirements.

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Post time: Jun-20-2023